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LDetek is a Canadian based company specialized in manufacturing, developing and integrating online gas analyzers, gas chromatograph systems and related accessories. Our mission is to provide reliable and performing systems with the best technology on the market.

With its commitment for continuous improvement, LDetek thinking and its members always aim to push the technology limit further. It brings innovative products and solutions to a market in a severe need of new and better quality material. The wide range of products, applications and patents developed, make LDetek portfolio attractive to many different areas of gas analysis activities. With a constant objective of offering quality products, LDetek always make all effort to get rigorous quality control and all necessary level of approbation and/or certification.

Our products and services are provided by a team of specialists with a strong experience in gas analysis business.

With a well established network of offices and partners in over 30 countries, a complete and pro active worldwide support is provided.