Rack Mount/Table Top THC Analyzer Heated FID 3-500

Model: 3-500

Maker: JUM Engineering

  • 6 digit direct engineering unit reading concentration display; No need for rangechange for up to 3 measuring ranged.
  • Standard VDC, mA and RS 232 data outputs.
  • Disposable sample filter easily accessible in the rear panel for filter change without special tools.
  • All components in contact with sample are fully heated and digitally maintained at 190°C.
  • Built-In sample pump.
  • Built-in combustion air pump and purifier, no extra burner air bottle needed
  • Automatic flame out alarm contact and optional available fuel shut off valve.
  • Fast response less than 1 second @ sample inlet.
  • Low fuel consumption @ 100% and all 40/60% mixed fuel gases.
  • Microprocessor PID type temperature controller.
  • Automatic or remote range change are optional.